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Winterize Sprinkler System

It is important to have a qualified professional blow the water out of your underground sprinkler system during the fall months to prevent freezing. When you have a Bathurst Irrigation technician professionally winterize your sprinkler system it will prevent any damages to your lawn sprinkler system caused by freezing.

Any water sitting in your irrigation pipes can freeze causing the water to expand, breaking and shattering the pipes in your irrigation system. Winterizing your sprinkler system by blowing it out is a sure way to prevent damages caused by freezing. Winterizing your sprinkler systems also acts as assurance. When we winterize your Sprinkler System, we will fix any damages should they occur due to freezing during the spring start-up at no extra cost. Winterization is the best method to protect your sprinkler system from the very expensive and tedious process required to repair lines damaged by freezing.

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