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Spring Start-up

Having a Bathurst Irrigation technician come to professionally re-activate your sprinkler system each spring is the simplest way to ensure your sprinkler system is functioning the way that it should. The spring start-up or activation is to ensure that your sprinklers are running at their full potential. It also means that one of our qualified irrigation technicians will test your Backflow Prevention Device (BFP).

When a Bathurst Irrigation technician activates your sprinkler system we: test your Backflow Prevention Device (BFP) (required by law), re-calibrate of any sprinkler heads, change any malfunctioning nozzles and check your sprinkler systems Automatic Timer. When we re-activate your sprinkler system we take the time to go through each zone to ensure that your lawn, garden and drip areas are getting the coverage they need.

We are happy to provide customers with a comprehensive annual Spring Start-up all over Vancouver and the lower mainland. Most services are covered by a flat rate determined by the size of your irrigation system and number of zones. Any malfunctions caused by damage or aging can be fixed at an additional cost.