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Repairs and Upgrades to your Sprinkler System

Unfortunately, like all things mechanical, with time or by brute force things can go wrong with your sprinkler system. Irrigation pipes could be broken by a gardener's shovel, sprinkler heads might get run over by a car, or, with time, some aspects of your sprinkler system may no longer work as well as they used to. Alternately, you may decide to install a new retaining wall, garden, walkway, or fence and thus need to recalibrate the layout and functioning of your underground sprinkler system.

Irrigation Sprinkler Spray on Grass

A Bathurst Irrigation technician will be glad to assist you with any upgrade or repair that your sprinkler system may need. Our rates are very affordable and we can usually come on short notice. Bathurst Irrigation technicians also come prepared with trucks stocked with a wide inventory of the most common irrigation products, fittings and sprinkler heads. We are ready and able to take on a wide range of repairs to your sprinkler system be it built with any style of products (Rainbird, Toro, Irritrol, K-Rain, etc). No sprinkler repair or upgrade job is too big or small.

Bathurst Irrigation's qualified staff are friendly, professional and efficient. We do our best to get in and out as quickly and cleanly as possible. When moving soil to expose broken irrigation lines below, there is naturally some degree of mess involved. We take the utmost caution to separate aesthetically pleasing top soils, bark mulch, gravel, etc from the earth beneath it to ensure it is not contaminated. We also carefully cut out sections of grass and replace them once our work to your sprinkler lines is finished. This minimizes the time it takes for your lawn to repair so all that you notice is how much better your lawn and garden look once your sprinkler system is functioning optimally.

If you require maintenance for your sprinkler system please contact us and we will be glad to discuss any problems come up with a solution that fits your schedule and budget.