Quality Lawn Sprinkler Systems

At Bathurst Irrigation we take pride in providing our valued customers with quality sprinkler systems and low voltage landscape lighting solutions. With over 20 years of experience in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland we know how to design and install the best sprinkler system to suit your needs. We use quality irrigation products and follow the IIABC's (Irrigation Industry Association of British Columbia's) guidlines and procedures. Ensuring your sprinkler system is installed correctly. Saving you water and ensuring you have no headaches or hassles down the road.

Example Lawn Watering Design

Maintaining a home is a huge commitment. A beautiful lawn and garden that brings you joy is a major part of that. Installing and keeping plants, grass and vegetables is a big investment. It requires time and money. Keeping your yard watered properly can sometimes feel like a second job. An automatic sprinkler system is the ideal way to ensure your lawn and garden get the correct amount of water to keep them happy.

An automatic sprinkler system, when installed properly, will conserve and save water by ensuring water is directly distributed evenly to your lawn and gardens. When choosing a contractor, it's important they design and install sprinkler heads so that their spray coverage overlaps. The distance one sprinkler head throws should reach the head of the next sprinkler. This is called head-to-head coverage and will prevent yellow/dry spots, or saturated section in your lawn, by watering all areas evenly.

We are proud to to provide our valued customers with quality irrigation solutions. When you choose Bathurst Irrigation, your automatic lawn sprinkler system will be installed correctly, using top quality parts. So you can rest assured knowing that your lawn and gardens will be watered efficiently and effectively for years to come.

We are proud to provide:

  • Underground Irrigation Sprinkler System Installations
  • Low voltage Landscape Lighting
  • Drip or trickle Irrigation
  • Service, Maintenance and Repairs to existing sprinkler systems
  • Winterization and Spring Start-up/Activation
  • Cross Connection Control Valve or Backflow Prevention (BFA) Testing
  • Residential, commercial and strata instalations and service
  • Serving all of Vancouver and The Lower Mainland
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    A professionally installed automatic sprinkler system will enhance growth to your lawn and protect your valuable plants and landscaping. A dazzling low voltage landscape lighting system can offer beauty and security to your home at night. Or an eco friendly drip irrigation system would automatically water planting pots and hanging basket on your patio, balcony, or veggie garden.

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    The Right Choice For You

    Bathurst Irrigation has the right solution for you. All of our systems are built using quality parts and procedures, designed to last and provide you with comprehensive hassle free watering. We also stand behind our products and work hard to deserve your loyalty by maintaining every sprinkler and drip irrigation system we install in a friendly and professional manner for years to come.

    As an added bonus, every newly installed Bathurst Irrigation sprinkler systems comes with a three-year warranty! For more information on how we can help you with your lawn, garden and veggie watering, please dont hessitate to contact us for a free quote.