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Irrigation Spray on Grass

There's no question that maintaining a beautiful garden to keep your home looking it's best is no easy task. Keeping your lawn and garden watered and nourished during the dry summer months requires hours of watering day after day. With a Bathurst Irrigation automatic sprinkler system manual watering becomes a thing of the past.

Irrigation Sprinkler Spray on Grass

All of our sprinkler systems function automatically lifting the burden of having to routinely wake up early and move around hoses to ensure watering is done at the appropriate times. Each year watering restrictions are put into effect to protect our local water resources leaving a small window of opportunity to water your lawn without being fined. With a Bathurst Irrigation underground sprinkler system you can relax because each sprinkler system is programmed to be automatically activated at the appropriate days and times. We also take care to program each zone with appropriate timings to ensure your lawn is not over or under watered. We are also very careful to implement the most water efficient and up to date practices. water conservation is a key issue for us at Bathurst Irrigation.

When taking into consideration the hard work, effort, and money that go into having a beautiful landscape; an underground sprinkler system is a great investment and the best way to ensure your expensive plants and landscape are adequately watered in the dry summer months.

Installing Quality Sprinkler Systems That Last

Most Bathurst Irrigation underground sprinkler systems last for as long as your house does. Unlike keeping plants and other aspects of your garden up to date, you only have to install an irrigation system once. Bathurst Irrigation provides annual service to each system we install ensuring the heights of heads, directions of sprayers, and all other aspect of your sprinkler system stay relevant to your lawn and garden, ensuring that your sprinkler system performs optimally. When you go with a Bathurst Irrigation automatic sprinkler system you can be sure that you are getting a quality irrigation system that lasts at a fair price.

Irrigation Spray on Grass

At Bathurst Irrigation, we stand behind our work. That is why we only use the best products and procedures. All Bathurst Irrigation Sprinkler systems are installed using Rainbird quality irrigation products. We take time to ensure pipes are deep in the ground (at least 8-10 inches) to protect your system from any damages. We are also proud to offer a Three Year Warranty on every new irrigation installation.

At Bathurst Irrigation Quotes are always designed to suit the specific needs of your lawn or garden at no added cost to you. We have lots of experience with irrigation installations for residential and commercial properties, new homes or established ones. With satisfied customers all over Vancouver and the lower mainland, we are confident in stating that Bathurst Irrigation is an excellent choice for your sprinkler system and a company committed to you for the long run.