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Bathurst Irrigation Drip System

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Water conservation is increasingly becoming an important issue throughout the world. Automatic sprinkler systems have been proven to effectively water lawn and garden areas more efficiently than the treacherous old hose routine. However, when it comes to watering there is no question that Drip or trickle irrigation is the most efficient and economical method of watering. By allowing water to drip slowly to the plant's root zone, preventing any wasted water or spill off.

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Drip or trickle irrigation is the ideal way to water patio planters and hanging baskets. A professionally installed Bathurst Irrigation Drip systems will ensure that your hanging baskets and patio planters wont dry out, allowing them to flourish throughout the summer months. Bathurst Irrigation drip systems are also a great way to protect your investment in apartment building patio gardens (and are more affordable than you might expect).

Drip Systems are ideal for watering areas with limited pressure, or where there is a relatively small area to be watered. An irrigation system comprised entirely of Drip can easily get it's water feed from a hose bib, making it ideal for apartment building balcony gardens, patios, and town homes. Drip Irrigation is also the perfect way to ensure the survival of Cedar Hedges in the first few years of their development. A drip irrigation zone can easily be added as a low cost extra to an irrigation system.

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The best part is a Bathurst Irrigation drip or trickle irrigation system means no more coming home from summer vacations to see all of the plants in the hanging baskets dead! If you are interested in upgrading your existing sprinkler system to include a drip zone for hanging baskets, cedar hedges, or any other garden areas; or if you are interested in installing a new Drip Irrigation System. Call or Email us and we will be happy to come by to discuss you're needs and provide you with an estimate free of cost.